chatting with an Anna's hummingbird

I was sitting on the patio, taking a break from working in the garden, when I observed this Anna's hummingbird. It was happily feeding on nectar in lemon blossoms when along flew an Umber Skipper, which then chased the hummer away.

I couldn't believe my eyes! A little Umber Skipper butterfly chasing a hummingbird?

After a few minutes the hummingbird returned to the lemon tree and sat on a branch facing me.

I said "I can't believe the Umber Skipper chased you away !?!"

As if it understood, the hummer then cocked its head to one side.

Then turned its head even more.

I almost expected it to chirp or say something.

This was definitely a bonding experience.

Oh, if only more people just stopped for a few minutes to observe what's going on around them in nature.

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