birds and bees

Well hello there!

Here is a California towhee strolling in the backyard.

As our plants grow bigger, it's great to see all the wildlife visitors they attract.

I am referring to birds, butterflies and bees.

It's been challenging right now to take photos of some of these creatures because they simply don't linger long enough in one spot to get good images of them.

There are cabbage moths, painted lady butterflies, house finches, and a different hummingbird.

The hummingbird is either an Allen's or Rufous hummingbird. Both of these have brown and orange color, which is different from the Anna's hummingbirds, which are green with crimson heads and throats.

I hope to be able to get a good photo of the hummingbird, so that I can identify it.

There are also some bees visiting, usually honey bees, digger bees and hover flies.

I haven't really noticed the large bombus vosnesenskii around. Hopefully the bumble bees will be back soon.

Here is a shot of a large hoverfly, or flower fly.

It really loved the dandelion plant.

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