The beauty of onion blossoms

The green onion is blooming!

We have had this plant for at least seven years, growing in a small pot.

Now and then I harvest some of it to include in food preparation.

And now, after all these years, it suddenly bolted, developing these beautiful blossoms.

Those little sprouts at the ends are seeds.

I learned that this isn't necessarily a good thing for the onion.

Onions will bloom with extreme fluctuations in weather.

Since we did have some very cool weather, including hailstorms, followed by temperatures in the high 70's, I guess one could consider that fluctuations.

Apparently, once the onion blooms, all the plant's energy goes into producing seeds and the seed stalk gets tough. The onion plant won't produce any more green leaves.

I can let it keep flowering, let the seeds dry, store them and then plant them later.

But I'm a little sad, because we've had this little onion plant for so many years.

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