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Progress in the front yard

The front yard is slowly but surely changing.

Come rain, shine, hailstorms, cold, wet, hot, dry weather, I am out there every weekend digging and planting.

This weekend was hot, but I just tried to pace myself.

Well, let's be honest. Yesterday morning I went to the East Bay Nursery to buy more bags of soil and mulch, and walked out of there with not only 6 huge bags of soil and 2 bags of mulch, but also a tray full of seedlings. I purchased more nemophila menziesii "Baby blue eyes", Solidago

Goldenrod, Zauschneria "Shieffelin's Choice" fuschia, Eriophyllum lanatum "Wooly Sunflower "Siskiyou"', and more.

In the afternoon I finally planted the two Alba scabiosas and another Achillea millefolium yarrow.

Above is an image of one of the borage seedlings that I planted last weekend. Look at those lovely buds.

I mixed some California poppy seeds with sand and strew them into a patch that I cleaned up for them. They were sown two weeks ago, just before another round of rainstorms. What luck! And look at them now.

And here is part of the front yard now.

The mesh basket is protecting the ribes plant from potential nibbling by deer or wild turkeys or whoever else is interested in its tender leaves.

Otherwise, there are pink Penstemon, a California poppy, Coreopsis, Tidy tips (yellow blossoms already blooming), Navajo Fleabane, Yarrow, Salvia, Scabiosa, Lavender, California Fescue and Siskiyou Fescue.

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