rain, sunshine and hail!

We've had a storm front from Alaska and it has been creating very interesting weather.

First some light rain off and on yesterday.

At night it suddenly sounded like the heavens just opened up and it poured down buckets of water.

This morning started out promising, light and then sunny.

And then the wind started to blow and hail poured down, very fine, the size of teardrops.

Gradually the hail turned to rain.

It's amazing that such fragile looking plants like the Turkish poppy (image above) thrive in this weather.

I still worked in the yard in the afternoon, determined to finish digging another hole to transplant a salvia plant. While I was digging, it became very cold, and fine hail showered down again.

The rest of the afternoon was nice and sunny, so I was able to transplant the salvia and spread shredded cedar around it.


Now we've transplanted two lavender shrubs and four salvia plants.

We continue with the project next weekend!

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