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magical mystery garden

The lovely Turkish poppies took over one of the flower pots and are thriving.

These poppies self-seed easily and seem to be happiest when they are not growing in direct sun.

As the poppy in the image above is slowly dropping its petals, another one is slowly opening up.

Ah, lavender, one of the most attractive plants to bees, and also visited by hummingbirds and butterflies. I just realized today that we have five lavender plants in pots. I'm looking forward to transplanting them in the front yard where they will get a lot of sun and have plenty of room to grow even bigger.

On clear days I love to sit in a chair on the patio and look around at the weathered garden walls, vegetation and foliage. Birds, including Anna's hummingbirds, Northern mockingbirds and towhees, love to visit these trees and shrubs.

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