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Surprises in the garden

Many surprises in the garden.

So let's start with the good.

Apparently the former tenant of this house planted a lot of bulbs in a bricked plant bed in the front yard as well as in the patio.

With all the winter rain all kinds of things are sprouting.

In the photo above are sprouting buds in a patio planter bed.

And more in the same bed...

In a front plant bed are more sprouting , but much smaller...

Now for the other kind of surprise, holes in the front yard.

I looked out the window and saw many small holes in the yard.

On closer inspection it looks like an animal has been digging in the yard.

We suspect raccoons.

This is a particularly deep one.

And here are more...

No harm really done, because aside from the ceanothus and ribes shrubs I haven't done major planting in the front yard yet.

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