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monarch butterfly visiting

This weekend we were fortunate to have monarch butterfly visits.

It's so nice to see these lovely creatures wafting in the breeze in the warmth of the sun.

But when they actually land on flowers in your garden, that is REALLY special!

While I was standing in the backyard yesterday afternoon, the monarch in the image above circled above and then landed on a flowerhead of the butterfly bush.

Look at all those spots on its body.

It sipped on the nectar of the flowers and then took flight again, passing right next to my head.

I wonder if it is one of the butterflies that we released a month ago.

Today the monarch butterfly in this photo flew around the front garden, and landed on leaves of one of the rose bushes. It rested there a while before it flew away again.

I wonder if it is the same monarch that visited the backyard yesterday.

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