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The hairstreak butterfly and cabbage moth

This summer, ever since the naked buckwheat plant started blossoming, the hairstreak butterfly has been a regular visitor. And I only see it on that plant, no other plants.

It's fascinating how this butterfly ( I don't know if it is just one individual or different ones) found the plant in our backyard.

And it really loves the buckwheat blossoms, because it will stay on them for long periods of time, slowly turning around on each flower head, then sometimes crawl down the stalk to another flower head.

Here it is from another angle, with the wings in a v shape.

And here are the hairstreak butterfly, in the middle of the photo behind the white buckwheat flower head, and a cabbage moth, just to the right of it, on a salvia blossom.

The cabbage moth was very curious, and flew right in front of me so it was easy to take this photo of it on sapphire salvia blossom.

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