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Meanwhile, indoors the monarch chrysalises are quietly developing...

We now have had the chrysalises indoors for 5 days now.

They are quietly hanging in the mesh hamper in our entrance, exposed to filtered light all day.

We still have a cool weather pattern going on, but slowly will warm up toward the end of the week according to weather forecasts.

Hopefully it will be a warm day when the chrysalises eclose, so that we can take them outdoors in the hamper to dry and warm their wings in the sun before releasing them.

In the meantime, they need to be misted twice a day so that their outer skin won't be hard and dry, and they can fully eclose / hatch.

These aren't great photos but are taken through the mesh because I'm trying not to disturb the chrysalises.

But even here you can see the gold dots on the beautiful jade green color.

Monarch chrysalis 1

Monarch chrysalis 2.

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