More food for the bees

We now have another buckwheat plant for the backyard, the lovely Eriogonum fasciculatum

Warriner Lytle buckwheat.

It is said to be an excellent ground cover plant, especially great on slopes, and grows 1 to 2 feet high. Apparently the blossoms turn to a rusty brown late in the summer.

Well, this will be growing in a container in the backyard, at least for now.

The bees and butterflies are enjoying the naked buckwheat so much, that I think they will find the nectar of these blossoms equally delicious.

In the background of the Warriner Lytle buckwheat blossoms in the image above, the yellow flowers are from the Monkey flower plant, specifically mimulus guttatus.

Here, a hover fly is resting in the sun on a branch of the Warriner Lytle buckwheat plant.

A honey bee on a naked buckwheat Eriogonum nudum blossom

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