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One Anna's hummingbird already fledged, the second one to go

Two days ago, when I checked the Anna's hummingbird nest, there was only one still there.

We figured that the one that sat on the side of the nest a few days before probably was eager to fly and fledged. I checked around the area on the grass and the ground to make sure it didn't fall out.

But no bird there.


During the day I observed mama hummingbird come by to feed fledgling number two (image above).

I watched this baby groom itself, so I knew it could take care of itself.

After feeding it, mama seemed to be cleaning and communicating with it.

After watching its mama fly away, her baby sat on its nest, and seemed to be considering if it could fly, too. It practiced using its wings now and then. But didn't seem to feel confident enough to leave the nest.

And here it is, fledgling number two testing its wings!

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