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The Anna's hummingbird babies have fledged!

So much has happened in the Anna's hummingbird nest these past few days.

It has been very breezy and cooled down quite a bit, typical for Bay Area July weather.

Mama hummingbird very cleverly found the ideal spot for her nest, high off the ground on a narrower branch that discouraged any squirrels or other small mammals from climbing out to the nest, and perfect shade from the sun during the very warm hours of the day.

Four days ago I observed one of the pre-fledglings sitting not in the nest, but right next to it.

In the image above you see it, while the sibling sits in the nest with tail feathers resting on the edge of the nest. It is hard to imagine how they both still fit in that little nest.

It was quite windy, so I worried about this baby falling off the branch.

But in a little while when I checked again, both babies were snugly in the nest.

The next evening there they were, side by side, looking out at the world, as the wind blew and the nest bobbed up and down like a ship at sea.

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