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The baby hummingbirds are growing

The baby Anna's hummingbirds hatched nine days ago and are rapidly growing.

Every morning and evening, and during the weekends, several times during the day, I check the nest from afar, standing under branches of the coastal redwood tree.

Mama hummingbird is always nearby.

She buzzed near me yesterday, chirped and landed on a nearby branch.

The photo above was taken yesterday.

You can see how much larger the nestling is, and the nest is stretching out even more.

Yes, there are still two of them.

See how one is stretching one of their wings already!

The nestling on the left yawned, while the other, to its right has the back of its head to the camera.

And now they both have settled down again, with beaks pointing upward.

I just keep my fingers crossed, that all goes well for them.

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