The Bewick's wren

In the late afternoon a few days ago, looking out the kitchen window we noticed a Bewick's wren in the large container where a Sapphire salvia plant is growing.

This seemed very odd because we've never seen the wren in the potted plants.

And this wren seemed to be staying in one spot.

Its head would pop up now and then.

Then I suddenly realized that the wren was probably drinking water out of a flat dish I placed at the base of the salvia plant. I created a bee bath in the dish for bees to safely drink water.

Apparently the wren decided that this is a great private drinking fountain!

And here is the bee bath, just a flat dish that is meant for making creme brulee, but perfect for this purpose. The twigs are in the dish for bees to sit on when they drink water so that they don't drown.

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bees in the bay breeze

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