More nests around the garden

Now that we discovered the hummingbird with her nest in the fig tree, I'm noticing more and more nesting activity around the garden.

Up high in the solanum shrub is a larger nest, measuring at least 7 inches in circumference. It may already have been used this spring because I haven't noticed any birds flying to or from the nest (above image)

But I only discovered the nest this past week when a Bewick wren was in the shrub, shrieking at a crow in a tree that is next to the shrub.

Here is a Bewick's wren, drying itself after taking a dip in the bird bath, before disappearing into the flowering potato vine thicket in our backyard.

I first saw a Bewick's wren hop into an opening in this thicket just a few days ago.

Maybe it is building a nest in there...

It was also the first time we ever saw a Bewick's wren in the bird bath.

It really seemed to enjoy the bath.

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