Vegetables are growing

Although I have been growing vegetables in containers in the backyard every year for the past 16 years or so, I still get very excited when the first fruits or vegetables develop from blossoms.

I do observe bees pollinating the vegetable blossoms, but never seem to have my camera with me at that moment.

But I can share with you here images of the fruit of the pollinators' efforts.

Above is our first Dirty Girl tomato.

This it the first year I planted fava beans.

You've seen the white and black blossoms in an earlier post.

And here, in the middle of the photo, is a fava bean developing. It is about one third of the length it should be when ready to pick.

And look at this English cucumber growing! I was very surprised to see this one already so developed. After I took the image above I put a flat round container, turned upside down, under the cucumber to support it so that it can further grow lengthwise.

And here are more cucumbers growing in the same container.

And look at the string beans growing!

Within a week so many beans, but they are still small, about a third of the fully developed length.

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