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Bees at work

It was very warm on Sunday May 1st, which meant a lot of bees out and about.

Here are images of different bees in the garden on various flowers.

The honey bee in the image above is on a forget-me-not blossom.

These plants pop up all over the backyard, in container pots with other plants, in cracks between the bricks, and random spots in the dirt.

Nasturtiums also grow all over the garden, literally carpeting some areas. Bees are very fond of the nectar these blossoms provide. Here is a honey bee in the blossom.

And bees seem to really like the nectar of roses. Sometimes I see them literally rolling around in the blossoms, covering themselves with pollen in the process. Above is a honey bee on a Penelope rose.

I finally got an shot of this wool carder bee!

I think it is the same one that frequents the backyard every afternoon.

This bee is always covered with pollen, especially white pollen, and flies very quickly, never stopping on a blossom for less than a nano second!

Above, the bee is on a salvia melliflera Black or Honey sage.

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