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Planting wildflowers

With all of this early spring rain, I can't think of a better time to start strewing those wildflower seeds.

Recently I received as a gift a little bag of "seedies", wildflower seedballs that are made of red clay, organic compost, native non-GMO wildflower seeds and kid-friendly, non-toxic coating.

Just throw them on the ground, and the seeds will germinate with help from the sun and rain.

Better yet, in the area where you want the wildflowers to grow, push each seedie into the soil, just enough that they are covered by a thin layer of dirt. Keep the area watered until you see wildflowers a couple of inches tall.

The seedies in the photo above are from the Southwest Wildflower collection.

Here is more information about seedies:

What a wonderful and fun way to grow food for your local bees and birds!

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