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back for the birdbath and a snack

Brown-eyed bushtit on a cape honeysuckle branch

It's been at least a month since I last saw birds in the birdbath.

The rains constantly replenished the water in the bath, which is clear and clean.

This weekend I observed several groups of birds in and around the birdbath, white crowned sparrows and brown-eyed bushtits.

White crowned sparrow on the backyard fence

It's great to see them back.

They always first fly to the cape honeysuckle bush which provides both camouflage and branches as good lookout points.

Then they land next to the birdbath, where they either take turns bathing or drinking.

Cape honeysuckle blossoms

And after that, back to the honeysuckle bush to preen and dry off the feathers.

And finally, time to munch on the blossoms of the honeysuckle bush before flying away again.

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