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Birds in the backyard

Female house finch on a cape honeysuckle branch

This time of year, birds are blending in more with the plant foliage colors.

Most of the birds that frequent the backyard like to land first in the cape honeysuckle shrub to survey the area before approaching the bird baths. I feel that I should prune the shrub, but at the same time am concerned that the birds won't like it as much without the tall branches.

Brown-eyed bushtit on cape honeysuckle branch

When the shrub is pruned it will be healthier and produce more branches and leaves. So I'll prune it a next week, just not severely.

Goldfinch on a dried nasturtium vine

The other morning a goldfinch suddenly flew into the backyard and hopped around plants in the container pots. I quickly took this shot of it through the kitchen window. Apparently it found a lot of insects to eat on the hummingbird salvia.

It was the first time this year that I saw a goldfinch in our backyard.

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