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Honey bees in the backyard

As some nectar and pollen sources are drying up the bees still will find food sources.

In the image above a honey bee is feeding on the blossoms of a Swan Plant milkweed asclepias fruticosa.

The milkweed is growing in a container pot. It's interesting because this particular plant shot up from a little skinny stem that was languishing in the pot. But somehow with the unusual heat and a little water a couple of times a week, it is thriving.

I'm just always concerned because crab spiders like to live on the plant and sometimes succeed in attacking the bees and killing them.

I often observe bees collecting pollen in roses, too.

The rose above, Orchard's Pride, has a delicious fragrance.

That honey bee visited the rose at least five times within a minute.

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bees in the bay breeze

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