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Even a little rain is great!

raindrop on the branch of the lemon tree

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when it started to rain a few evenings ago. A few rainclouds passed over our way and produced some nice soft rain. It didn't last long, but it looked, sounded, smelled and felt great. Yes, I stood outside enjoying the feeling of gentle rain falling on my face! Whenever we do get rain these days it is such a relief!

drops of rain on a ripening Lisbon lemon

We're trying to keep our trees hydrated - the Lisbon lemon, Mission fig and Bluepoint juniper, watering each for 5 minutes in the morning at least every other week. I'm sure the rain refreshed them as well.

drops of rain like jewels on the narrow milkweed flowers

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bees in the bay breeze

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