September garden visitors

Here's another umber skipper, this time on a cluster of Lycnos campion rose. These butterflies are so funny, because they seem curious about what I'm doing when I'm walking around the garden with the camera.

They land on plants right in front of me and I feel like they watch me for a while, allowing a photo to be taken. Then they suddenly take flight and land again close by.

The Anna's hummingbirds that visit the garden are very territorial about the nectar feeder. Lately they like to sit on the arch of the feeder stand, above the feeder, and guard the nectar.

After a while they take some sips of nectar and then guard it again.

I've only twice seen more than one hummingbird drinking nectar at the same time from the feeder. I suspect that on those occasions the birds were either a pair or a parent and fledgling.

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