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Busy bees

Honey bee on brown fennel flower head

So much vegetation is drying up in the garden, but as I walked around the garden today it was so wonderful to observe honey bees on different plants.

The brown fennel plant is now producing a lot of flower heads. Although the plant apparently isn't attractive enough to encourage any swallowtail butterflies to lay their eggs on it, the honey bees are enjoying the nectar the tiny flowers are producing.

Honey bee in flight heading for a geranium blossom

Underground springs or an old well in the backyard (we're not sure which it is) provide water for plants whose roots broke through the bottom of their containers. As a result, the geraniums in the backyard grow very tall, some up to about 6 feet! For bees and other insects it's like a forest or jungle full of flowers.

Honey bee on English lavender

Fortunately the lavender plants growing in container pots are thriving, watered every few days with grey water. They are provided much needed nourishment for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Honey bee on Lisbon lemon tree blossom

The lemon tree is still plagued by the attack of white flies, but it still producing lots and lots of flowers which the honey bees visit and pollinate all day. We are trying our best to keep the tree healthy by watering it for about 5 minutes every other week. Today it also got a dose of fish and seaweed extract diluted in water.

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