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Backyard container plant harvest

Sunshine blueberries

The only plants that we are watering during the drought are growing in container pots in our backyard. They can't get ground water so we are always monitoring them, especially because most of them are feeding the pollinators. And a few of these plants are providing us with some food.

The sunshine blueberry plant is producing berries, and we can harvest a handful of fruit per week. As I posted before, these blueberries also happen to be a real delicacy for the California towhees that visit throughout the day.

This particular kind of blueberry is sweet and full of flavor. It also will thrive in our East Bay climate. We were very fortunate to find another one of these plants at the Farmers Market. You can also buy Sunshine blueberry plants from Spiral Gardens

New Girl tomatoes

We also have 2 tomato plants growing in containers, and they are doing well.

One plant is New Girl tomato, which is non-GMO and the fruit grows to about 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

I fertilize them every 3 weeks with E.B. Stone organic powder fertilizer and every 2 weeks with liquid seaweed extract.

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