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Little wonders

Sapphire salvia resurrecting

A little tragedy happened in the backyard - the mammoth sunflower has been destroyed!

At some time the other day, some critter apparently jumped on the flower head and broke it off. I came home to a stalk of leaves and no flower. We suspect that a squirrel jumped on the flower from the nearby fence.

The flower head was lying on the ground next to the container pot.

It was very sad, especially since I had just fertilized the plant the previous evening.

A short life for a special sunflower.

But look what is sprouting leaves on the table behind the sunflower container pot - the surviving Sapphire salvia that we purchased last year from East Bay Nursery.

The plant had dried up but I have been giving it a little water now and then.

Now look at it!

In a few months it should have spires of flowers to provide nectar for the pollinators.

This is proof that you shouldn't be too hasty about tossing out dried up plants!

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