Bees on a breezy day

honey bee on mexican sage 2_edited.JPG

Honey bee on a Mexican Salvia salvia leucantha

The honey bee above is feeding on the nectar of a Mexican salvia spike. The blooms are so soft and velvety, that its hard to resist touching them. These plant are very hardy and easy to maintain They also are drought tolerant. All I do is prune them back severely every winter, and then they grow back every spring with these beautiful bright purple and white blossoms.

For planting instructions check out this article on SF Gate:

Mexican sage_edited.JPG

Mexican sage

bumble bee on lavatera leaf 6_edited.JPG

Yellow-faced bumble bee worker bombus vosnesenskii resting on a lavatera leaf

Walking in the garden with my camera today, I noticed something dark fly by me and land on a lavatera leaf. A yellow-faced bumble bee worker!

Last year we observed bumble bees often in the ceanothus shrub, but this year just a few. So it was so nice to see this bumble bee today, and what made it so special to me is that I had never seen one of this species. Note the yellow hairs on its face and pollen basket on its hind leg.

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