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California towhee fledgling

towhee fledgling and bee house 2_edited_edited.JPG

I was out in the backyard and noticed this California towhee on the fence. I walked very slowly and quietly to get close enough to get a decent photo of the bird. It was strange that although the towhee saw me it didn't run or fly away, as they normally would. It seemed unconcerned that a human was very close by.

Then I realized that it was a fledgling.

California towhee fledgling 6_edited.JPG

The towhee walked over to the fence post and calmly sat there until another towhee suddenly chirped in a nearby tree and flew to the fledgling. It must have been one of the towhee parents coming to the rescue. The parent then led the way running down the other direction on the fence, and disappeared into the shrubbery behind the fence, followed by the fledgling.

How nice to see that the towhees who built the nest in the shrubbery a month or two ago, were successful in hatching at least one egg!

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