Honey bee and an Umber Skipper Butterfly on the Dwarf Indigo Spire Salvia


This past weekend I repotted and transplanted a lot of newly purchased plants for the backyard. All of the plants produce flowers rich in nectar. Just a day after I repotted the Dwarf Indigo Spire Salvia I could see constant visitors to it, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

I was observing the honey bee in the photo above as it fed on the nectar of all the flowers on the plant, taking photos of it from different angles.

Suddenly, an Umber Skipper butterfly (photo below) landed right in front of me on another spire of the same plant. It was funny, because it was almost as if the butterfly wanted some attention, too.


Like bees, Umber Skipper butterflies also feed on flower nectar.

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