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New plants for the pollinators in the garden

Dwarf indigo blue salvia_edited_edited.JPG

Dwarf Blue Indigo Salvia, behind on the left is a small chive plant, to the right a sage plant with edible leaves used in cooking and behind it a large container of oregano

I can never resist buying plants for the garden, especially for the back yard, in the Spring. But I always have to choose wisely keeping specific criteria in mind: native plant that attracts and feeds our local pollinators, as drought tolerant as possible, as well as vegetables to last at least through the Autumn.

In the above photo is a new acquisition, a dwarf Blue Indigo Salvia plant. The bees and hummingbirds love it. BUT, the slugs do too. So one must be vigilant monitoring the plant. Early yesterday morning I observed an Anna's Hummingbird tasting every blossom on this plant.

It does need almost daily watering since it is young and adapting to new surroundings, so this is where our leftover water from washing vegetables and cold tea goes.

Black and blue Blue Sapphire salvia_edited.JPG

From left to right: asparagus fern, Black and Blue Salvia, Black Salvia

And another new addition to the backyard is the Black and Blue Salvia plant. I don't know what the flowers will look like but we'll find out soon enough! I'm sure the bees, butterfles and hummingbirds will be delighted.

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