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Welcome rain!

Dwarf Blue Sapphire salvia after the Friday night/Saturday morning rain

The 4 hours of rain on Friday night through early Saturday morning was a welcome relief! All the plants in the garden looked refreshed the next morning, and there were still some raindrops glistening on petals and leaves.

The Dwarf Blue Sapphire salvia plant is a new addition to our back garden. We bought 2 of these last year and kept them in plastic pots. The bees went crazy over the blossoms, and so did the hummingbirds. But then after the blooming season was over the slugs devoured all of the leaves! I'm keeping a closer watch this time around.

Sunshine blueberries with raindrops

The Sunshine blueberries are slowly forming. We probably won't get as many berries as last year, but the shrub is looking good, with new branches and leaves as well. I'm sure the California towhees are monitoring the berries as well, waiting for them to ripen.

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