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More of "Flower + Pollinator = Fruit (or Vegetable)"

One of our heroes - a honeybee feasting on the English lavender we have growing in big pots in the backyard. Got to keep their favorite food sources ready and available for them! And in turn, they pollinate our berries, oranges and summer vegetables growing nearby. Another favorite nectar source for them is the cosmos flower. The bright fuschia colored flower to the right is a "prom dress" cosmos flower. This photo was taken last summer.

This is an Asparagus Red Noodle bean blossom. This variety of bean is a pole bean. Somehow I expected the beans to be bright red. The description of the bean said that it could grow to 18 inches long.

Well those beans certainly grow to about 18 inches long, but they aren't bright red. Instead the color is a deep maroon. They are great simply stir- fried with other vegetables or in soup.

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