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April showers...


......bring spring flowers!

Hooray! It rained again.

Just when some of the nasturtiums were looking like they were on the verge of drying up (already!), some showers came to the rescue. And look how refreshed the nasturtium looks.

Lambs ears

All those little lambs ears look like they are covered with ice crystals, but those are rain drops caught on their velvety surface. Hopefully in the summer these plants will produce stalks with tiny purple flowers that the bees love to feast on.

Red clover

Lovely clover blossoms bloom every spring in a large container pot in our backyard. The seeds were part of a wildflower mix in a packet that was free from Berkeley Horticulture, and provide nutrition to our local wildlife.

Water collecting on day lily leaves

Colette rose

Yes, we also have non-native plants in our garden. And bees love roses, too. I often see them rolling around in open roses, gathering pollen all over their bodies in the process! Maybe it also adds some variety to their nectar diet.

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