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I don't have many indoor plants, but because I seem to have a green thumb keeping orchids alive and healthy, I have a few orchid plants. For example the orchid above is a very small plant, that fits in a little ceramic pot the size of a small drinking glass about 4 inches high.

Because the orchid plant is very small I didn't have high expectations for it, and thought once it finished blooming once, it would dry up. But look at that spike there with flower buds on it!

Once you notice that orchids thrive in a particular spot with filtered sunlight, it's best to keep them right there.

And after all the buds have bloomed and the spike (stalk) has dried up, cut the stalk off at its base. Then water the plant well and let all excess water drain out. Dilute orchid food in a glass jar with water, following instructions on the orchid food container. Water your orchid plant with the orchid food/water solution.

Water your orchid plant on a regular basis. Do not give it any more orchid food!

Your orchid will produce another spike during the time of year it normally blooms. And you will be rewarded with another beautiful spray of orchids.

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