Sunshine blueberries

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We have a lot of buds on our Sunshine blueberry plant, more than I've ever seen since we've had the plant. It 's been about 4 years since we bought this plant, and it is thriving in a container pot on a small table in our backyard. The plant is more than 2 feet wide in circumference and about 2 feet high. I bought it at the Berkeley Farmer's Market and was assured that this particular blueberry will do well in the East Bay. It should grow to about 3 feet in circumference and height. It just needs an airy, at least half sunny area in your garden or deck with well draining soil.

Last year we had a nice harvest throughout the summer, though I did have to cover the bush with bird netting because one of the California towhees seems to REALLY love these blueberries, and was picking them and eating throughout the day. And why not - these are delicious, plump and sweet blueberries. I covered the bush with the netting, allowing some branches to poke through so that we still shared with the towhee.

The bees are hibernating for the most part now, but in the spring, I can't wait for them to pollinate the blueberry blossoms so that we'll have a good blueberry crop again.

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