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Moss sprouts and the California towhee

Moss sprouts in the chive container pot

In the winter when many of our plants go dormant, storing their energy and preparing for spring, sometimes other plants or plant organisms decide to grow around them. I usually leave them alone as long as they don't overpower or damage the other plants.

When you let nature take its course, there are usually very interesting developments. For example, some moss started to grow this winter in a small plastic container pot where we have a chive plant (see photo above). The chive plant has been thriving, more or less in this pot for several years. I noticed last weekend that the moss was sprouting.

Very shortly after I took the photo, a California towhee suddenly appeared next to the chive pot, and definitely had its eye on the moss sprouts for a tasty treat.

California towhee discovers moss sprouts_edited.JPG

California towhee examining moss sprouts in the chive container pot

And......snap! The towhee has a delicious snack!

and California towhee picks moss sprout_edited.JPG

California towhee eats a moss sprout

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