bird visitors between the rain showers

speckled towhee November 2014.jpg
It's always fun to observe birds visiting the container plants in our backyard.

I have yet to identify this bird sitting on the rim of the Indigo Spire salvia plant container, but it suddenly appeared in our garden 2 days ago.

It is the size of a California towhee, so it's kind of medium sized. But it is kind of a gray/dark olive green with speckles on its chest, and brown tail feathers.

Maybe a kind of thrush?

It's the first time I've seen a bird like this in our backyard.

So, it would be great if someone could identify this bird for me.

2 chickadees on cape honeysuckle_edited.JPG

If you look closely, you'll see two Chestnut backed chickadees in the Cape honeysuckle shrub.

One is to the right of center, behind the orange flowers, another one you see left of center, diagonal to the other bird, by the green leaves.

All of our bird visitors love this shrub, which could turn into a huge hedge.

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