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Bird nest in the rosebush!


Bird nest deep in the Flower Girl rosebush

While I was pruning dried up branches in our garden today, I discovered another surprise: a bird's nest in the Flower Girl rosebush! I had no idea that birds make nests in rosebushes.

At first I thought that I was just looking at a bunch of dried grass that somehow blew in the air and landed on a branch deep into the rosebush. But then, the grass and dried twigs were roughly interwoven, and yes, it is a nest!

The photo above is what I first saw from one side of the rosebush. Below is the nest seen from the other side of the bush. It is intact and empty. Now we wonder which birds made the nest. It's definitely too big for a hummingbird to build. Their nests are only about the size of a golf ball.

It will remain a mystery, but I always feel honored when birds feel safe enough in our garden to build nests.


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