Blue Heron Farms at Berkeley and Oakland Farmers Markets!

One of my favorite places at the Berkeley Farmers Market is the Blue Heron Farms stand. Coming in from Watsonville, they sell beautiful produce such as gem lettuce, tender little broccolini, but I admit that my very favorite part is their flower section.

Beautiful flowers of the season, also non-pesticide, organically grown, are simply irresistible. And Sarai (left in the above photo) creates lovely arrangements, and does beautiful flower arrangements for weddings as well!

I paid only $10 for that big bunch of flowers Sarai is holding!

part of the Blue Heron Farms flower stand at the Berkeley Farmers Market

And there you have it - from organic farm to farmers' market to my home!

some of the flowers I bought today from Blue Heron Farms at the Farmers Market

For more information about Blue Heron Farms and other Farmers Market information please check this link:

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