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delicious treats for the hummers

Penstemon tubular bells rose: Penstemon hartwegii in our back garden

It's so nice to see plants still blooming when most are going dry and dormant this month.

I have the Penstemon tubular bells rose plant growing in a large plastic flower pot in our backyard. It does well but would grow bigger if it was planted in the ground but until I figure out a good place for it, it stays in the pot. This plant is native to Mexico but does very well in the Bay Area climate and hummingbirds love it. I don't remember where I bought this plant, probably from Annie's Annuals and Perennials in Richmond.


Indigo Spires Sage: Indigo Spires Salvia

The Indigo Spires Sage is a California native plant. Its flower stalks look lovely as they move in the breeze, and the blossoms provide nectar for hummingbirds and bees. I bought this plant at Toby's Feed Barn in Point Reyes about 5 years ago, and it is doing very well in a large plastic flower pot.

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