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Welcome to bees by the bay breeze!

I'm Lissu, and I would like to share with you nature observations and my experiences as an urban (well not exactly huge city) organic gardener. I'll also share tried and true delicious recipes and simple gardening and indoor plant care tips.

I never thought I had a green thumb. Well, put it this way, I never really thought about it. Aside from planting tomato seeds as every little kid learns in school, and, in my case, lima beans, that just about summed up my experience with sowing seeds and tending plants.

That is, up until 16+ years ago, when I moved into my current residence. Its large somewhat weedy yard featuring in part some scary looking succulents, inspired me to plant some cheerful flowers, starting with cosmos. And, with the landlord's permission, slowly the transformation from weedy yard to lovely garden happened with a lot of help from a neighbor who also shared with me her wealth of knowledge about plants and gardening, many hours of hard work,soil amending and trial and error. And, it turns out, I do have a green thumb!

You'll have tips on how to attract beneficial pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and birds by creating a habitat with their favorite plants. Once those plants are blooming, the show begins! You'll enjoy visits by bees and hummingbirds, as well as butterflies and singing birds.

I'll also provide you with ideas on how you can grow your own pesticide-free vegetables and fruit in containers, even in very small areas.

You too, can cultivate healthy plants using everyday leftovers such as banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.

Indoors, carnivorous plants are the answer to an environmentally safe way of getting rid of those pesky gnats. There are several of these species that are real gems. We'll get back to that later, too. "Mr. Tentacles" was my all-time favorite bug eater.

Orchids are difficult to grow indoors? I never thought I would be the one to say that indoor orchid plants are very easy to care for! I had no luck with them for years, until I followed someone's advice. More about that later!

And the recipes?

It's not my intent to turn this into another food blog, BUT you can be assured that whatever recipes I share here are going be delicious and also happen to be good for you. Some are my own recipes, some are adapted from my collection of cookbooks and other sources - North African, Thai, other Asian, Mediterranean, European, and more!

Of course there's so much we can discuss in this blog, and I hope you contact me with any questions feedback or have tips of your own you would like to share!



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bees in the bay breeze

For years I have been sharing ideas, gardening tips and recipes  with family, friends and colleagues.

And now I'd like to share them with you!

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