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January 24, 2020

Ooh, the Verbena De La Mina is starting to produce its first blossoms of the year.

It's so wonderful to see because last year the voracious slugs devoured the entire plant down to the nubs. It's possible that the plant was spared this year because I didn't plant Platyst...

January 20, 2020

Our first sunny day in a week, and look what I'm seeing in almost every empty area of the front yard, California poppies sprouting everywhere!

They're even sprouting through the wood chip path, but I guess I'll leave them alone.

I used to think poppies bloomed once, and...

January 7, 2020

After heavy rains, the California hummingbird sage Salvia spathacea is producing its first blooms of the year.

This plant is native to southern and central California.

It spreads by rhizomes, but since our plant is growing in a large pot, it is contained, not sprawling.


December 9, 2019

Some plants seem transformed by our winter rain.

The leaves of this Baja fairy duster Calliandra californica are beaded with raindrops.

This drought tolerant evergreen is native to Baja California, and produces scarlet red tufted flowers nearly all year round.

It provid...

November 29, 2019

What a relief!

The atmospheric rivers are here, bringing in all that moisture from the Pacific.

Here in Northern California we've been very worried, wondering if we would get our winter rain.

This is a great start.

Yes, it can be wild and woolly weather at times, but oh,...

November 26, 2019

Some of the California poppies are blooming again.

I cut the poppy plants back several times this year when the stems and foliage dried up.

Now that we have had cooler weather with foggy mornings, the plants seem refreshed, with green foliage.

The blossoms are so brillian...

November 20, 2019

Among dormant plants in the garden the bright yellow of the first blossoms on the golden yarrow Eriophyllum confertiflorum are such a cheerful sight.

The plant produced these lovely blossoms this week.

I almost gave up on the it, after it remained dormant after blooming...

November 18, 2019

When our Halloween pumpkins started to get squishy and moldy, I distributed them in pieces throughout the garden to decompose and feed the soil.

And look at what's happening two weeks later.

All that looks like grass are California poppy seedlings!

What a pleasant surpris...

November 4, 2019

A month ago we still had a group of monarch caterpillars on the Narrow-leaf milkweed plants Asclepias fascicularis. I meant to cut down all of the milkweed mid-September, as per the recommendation of the Xerces Society, but a mama monarch kept visiting and laying eggs.


October 23, 2019

Along with the White crowned sparrows, the Golden-crowned sparrows are back from the tundra.

This Golden-crowned sparrow found some insects on the dried California Delta sunflower.

Moments like this are always reminders why we shouldn't cut down all of the dried or dorma...

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