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December 25, 2019

Wishing you a season of joy and cheer, and a bright new year full of hope.

September 15, 2019

How great is this?! A standing, fabric strawberry planter made from 100% recycled material, including recycled water bottles.

A few months ago, when I bought two more strawberry seedlings from our local farmers' market, I looked for another planting box at the East Bay...

October 15, 2018

This weekend we purchased several pumpkins to carve for Halloween.

And then I saw these.

Doesn't this squash look just like the profile of a swan?

I think it's so lovely with the striking contrast of bright yellow and dark green.

And this squash looks like the head of a b...

February 14, 2018

We only have a couple of plants indoors, a couple of phalaenopsis orchids and an aloe vera.

It took me many years to realize how easy it is to care for orchid plants.

They don't seem to like much fuss.

So I just give them very little water, once a week.

They are growing i...

December 24, 2017

This year I decided to have more creatures to the holiday wreath I made.

If you look closely at the wreath, you will see a honey bee, a monarch butterfly and a panda.

I wish everyone a happy, safe and peaceful holiday season and new year!

July 12, 2017

Yes, I'm posting again about the joys of making and eating compote.

With the abundance of delicious fruit this season, sometimes I get a little too carried away at the Farmers' Market and buy too much fruit.

That means that we sometimes can't eat the fruit fast enough be...

June 26, 2017

I love to buy sustainably grown flowers to add color indoors.

Now that we live in a house that retains a lot of heat, my favorite flowers to buy the past month have been locally grown strawflowers.

They are so vibrant in color, that they are great to keep after they dry...

December 6, 2016

We're still living in some chaos since we moved to this house a couple of weeks ago. Still a lot to unpack and organize. And what a time of year to move!  Right during the holiday season, when there is always so much going on.

But I guess there never is the ideal time...

January 17, 2016

While tidying up after the holidays I felt that this random group of dried vegetation on a table actually makes an interesting still life: orchid leaves, juniper needles and berries and a straw flower.

December 18, 2015



Did you know that the top shelf of your refrigerator is the warmest and the lowest shelf is the coldest? Or how to interpret the "sell by/use by" dates of labeled food products?



Yesterday I discovered this book, written by NRDC's Dana Gunders, at our local library.


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