May 31, 2017

I just love buying flowers from the Farmers Market to have indoors in vases.

These lovely anemones are from Blue Heron Farms

Perfect for a corner of our dining area.

May 30, 2017

This three-day weekend was quite a gardening extravaganza.

I planned to buy a "couple" of seedlings from Annies Annuals yesterday.

About an hour later I left there with twenty plant seedlings.

According to my plant count today, we now have m...

May 25, 2017

The bees are discovering the Gilia Tricolor "Bird's Eyes" blossoms with their distinctive blue pollen. But I have yet to see any of the bees covered with the pollen. That would be a beautiful sight!

For some reason this honey bee seemed to be especially attracted to one...

May 24, 2017

And here we go!

That time of year when more and more plants start to bloom.

These are Hidcote Pink Penstemon (Beard Tongue) blossoms.

The plant is one of the few we have that isn't a native California plant.

I had purchased it as a seedling more than ten years ago and had...

May 23, 2017

And now an update on the progress of the front lawn transformation.

The soil is slowly turning to large chunks of hard clay, and the lawn is drying up.

Meanwhile the native plants that I've been planting since February are thriving.

Above you see the gradual transformatio...

May 22, 2017

Now that the blackberry bushes are blooming there is constant bee activity going on there.

What a delight to observe a California Bumble Bee Bombus californicus (Apidae) flying from flower to flower, gathering pollen.

In the image above, the California Bumble Bee is in p...

May 19, 2017

Here is another prime example of "if you plant it they will come".

Now that the Indigo Spires Salvia plant that I transplanted into the front yard is blooming, there are all kinds of visitors to the plant.

As you saw in my post yesterday, I already observed an Anna's Hum...

May 17, 2017

The transplanted salvia plants are doing well in the front yard, and now starting to bloom.

What a treat to be standing in the yard and observe an Anna's hummingbird suddenly fly to the Indigo Spires salvia plant for nectar!

Proof that if you plant it they will come!


May 16, 2017

Well look who we discovered sleeping on a Navajo fleabane flower - a Yellow-Faced Bumble Bee Bombus vosnesenskii

This was taken in the afternoon on Sunday, when it was very warm.

The light here is quite different from where we lived, just a few miles away, very intense.


May 15, 2017

In this warm weather the birds are starting to visit the birdbath very often.

Usually they come by to drink the water.

I've seen house finches, gold finches and California towhees taking a drink.

One evening last week we observed an Anna's hummingbird bathing in this bird...

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