May 31, 2016



It's only the last day of May, and the clematis plant is already drying up. 

I just let the blossoms alone for a while to develop seed heads before I dead head them.

Dried flowers have such a special, ephemeral beauty.

These are three different blossoms.













May 30, 2016

We observe California towhees all year round in the garden, but this is the time of year when they monitor our backyard several times a day. And why.....?






Because of this!



The towhees just LOVE our blueberries, and they seem to know when those berries are starting...

May 27, 2016


Who can ever get bored observing bees?



Here's a honey bee seen from behind, landing on lavender blossoms on a sunny, breezy day.








And here it is again, in the midst of all that lavender.




May 26, 2016



Last weekend I spent some time deadheading rosebushes and cutting dried branches in one area along the driveway.

There was the usual constant buzzing sounds of bees in the nasturtiums and lambs ears around me as I worked.

I noticed one particular larger bee that would...

May 24, 2016



This weekend I was very excited to see our first two cucumber blossoms.

After I shot this image of the blossoms, I shot the next one, below, and surprise................................












Not just one but THREE cucumbers developing!

THANK YOU, BEES for pollinat...

May 23, 2016



How wonderful it is to hear the buzzing sounds of busy bees in the garden!



Above is an image of a honey bee approaching a Sapphire Salvia spire.












And here is a male carpenter bee approaching another Sapphire Salvia spire.

I've noticed that these bees are cal...

May 19, 2016



This year, for the first time ever, I decided to grow fava beans.

I do love to eat fava beans in stews, as a spread, or in soups.

But I also wanted to try to grow our own in the backyard.

So here are four plants in a very large container.



So far, they are producing a l...

May 17, 2016

This past weekend I observed wool carder bees in the backyard.

It's so great to see them again!



In the above image a wool carder bee is on a Black Salvia blossom.

You can see that it already has quite a bit of pollen on its body.






And here is a wool carder bee approa...

May 16, 2016


The Sapphire Salvia plants are blooming and ready for the pollinators!

Even before the blossoms opened up, bees and hummingbirds were constantly circling the area.

And now their patience is rewarded.




Above is an image of a male carpenter bee on one of the blossoms.


May 11, 2016


This is the wonderful time of year when plants blossom again, and the pollinators are monitoring the development of their food sources.




Above is an image of one of our first blue and black sapphire salvia spires with raindrops on Saturday, when it rained for most of...

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