March 31, 2016

With the sunny weather these days, and plants producing their flowers, there are more bees in the garden collecting pollen and feeding on nectar.



This past weekend I observed this female carpenter bee visiting the Hot Lips Salvia shrub. What a feast she had!








March 30, 2016

I am so excited to see Bumble Bees back in the garden!



For the past few days I always see two bombus californicus California Bumble Bee workers in the Ray Hartman ceanothus shrub. They are so cute, round and fuzzy. They also fly very quickly, never lingering long on f...

March 28, 2016

My first sighting of an American robin in our garden!



While observing bees in the ceanothus, I heard a distinctly different bird call in the garden. Looking up I  saw this bird quietly sitting on a redwood branch. At first I only saw its back feathers (see photo below...

March 27, 2016


What a beautiful sight!


Bees all over the blooming Ray Hartman ceanothus shrub.

How many honey bees do you see in this picture?


When I took the photo I counted a total of 20 honey bees, 2 bumblebees and 1 carpenter bee and a couple of hover flies.



More bee shots in up...

March 24, 2016



Sometimes you just have to be very still and look around carefully to observe wildlife.

For example, can you find the house sparrow in the tree in the photo below?







Okay, that was kind of easy, especially since I blew up the image by at least 10 times the actual s...

March 22, 2016



There are so many wonderful surprises popping up around the garden, now.



There are now several Turkish poppy plants growing in some of our container pots in the backyard.  They are so lovely and delicate.



About a month ago I noticed them sprouting and thought they...

March 21, 2016



Today while I checked the garden between periods of rain showers, I heard a crow cawing. It seemed very insistent, so I looked up and saw an American crow on our neighbors' roof.

It had found a treasure, a big piece of bread.



It would peck at the bread and then caw s...

March 17, 2016


Rain is wonderful and oh, so welcome!



The butterfly bush is growing taller. See how the leaves are straight and seem to open up to the rain. You can see the rain falling at a slight angle - that's what the thin slightly slanted vertical lines are.






It's been raini...

March 16, 2016

The hummingbird salvia is starting to bloom.

The blossoms are such a vivid magenta color, that they add a pop of brightness to the backyard amidst the green lushness and rain.



This afternoon I observed an Anna's hummingbird sipping nectar from the blossoms.


March 15, 2016

It's that time of year when, if the temperatures are cooler and we get rain, the Spring flowers start to bloom. And here is one of our first freesias of the year. What a lovely, fragrant flower!

We planted the bulbs more than 10 years ago in pots in the backyard.





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