January 28, 2016



There is a lot of borage springing up in the garden, which means plenty of food for the bees in the spring through summer.  You can see the leaves of nasturtium plants covering the ground behind these borage plants. Bees love the nectar of nasturtium flowers too, so...

January 26, 2016


After another rain storm I walked around the backyard, and much to my delight, discovered that both Sunshine blueberry bushes are full of little pink and white blossoms.



Hopefully we won't get too heavy rainstorms to knock off those lovely future blueberries!

January 25, 2016





Everything in the garden is reviving as a result of the wonderful winter rains.



See how the Coastal Redwood cone is soaking up rain drops!

We were very worried about how the tree would survive if we didn't get much rain this winter, but so far, so good...










January 19, 2016

curious white crowned sparrow




Between the periods of rain showers and in light rain, it's so nice to hear and see birds out and about . The rain is probably flushing out lots of insects and worms, so there are delicacies to be eaten.







This scrub jay made its pres...

January 17, 2016

While tidying up after the holidays I felt that this random group of dried vegetation on a table actually makes an interesting still life: orchid leaves, juniper needles and berries and a straw flower.

January 16, 2016













Walking around the garden today after a rain shower, a delightful sight - an Anna's hummingbird and a honey bee feasting on the nectar of rosemary blossoms!


















January 12, 2016

 dried up scarlet runner bean and pods





Instead of fastidiously cleaning up plants and vegetable vines dried up and past their prime, in the winter time I like to leave some remnants in the garden. Birds like to eat  some of the dried seeds, and some dried pods look...

January 8, 2016


peek-a-boo with a brown-eyed bushtit in the dwarf valencia orange tree





A few days ago, between the periods of rain showers,  I observed through the kitchen window a group of brown-eyed bushtits suddenly fly into the backyard. They wasted no time eating insects on v...

January 7, 2016

 first paperwhites of the season




What a relief to experience a somewhat normal winter here after the unusual warm weather last fall! With the cold temperatures and rain, I'm seeing normal plant growth for this time of year. Here are the first paperwhites of the seaso...

January 5, 2016


raindrop on milkweed leaf




It's a wonderful rainy day. I couldn't resist taking some photos in the midst of pouring rain.






 rain bubbles in the driveway









buds of the flowering potato vine encased in raindrops

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bees in the bay breeze

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