October 30, 2015



"Owl and Bees" - Joseph Crawhall


Source: Art Gallery and Museum Kelvingrove, Glasgow, Scotland

Wikimedia Commons

October 28, 2015

                 Photo: Nature Conservancy




Tips from the Nature Conservancy for a green Halloween:


October 27, 2015

White crowned sparrow



We hear so many different bird calls and songs in the garden these days. Some I recognize, such as House finches, American crows, Chestnut back chickadees, Bewick's wrens, White crowned and House sparrows, Brown eyed bushtits, and Anna's humming...

October 22, 2015



Another natural wonder - I didn't plant this aster, but it is growing in a container pot where I planted a Genovese basil plant. Both plants are thriving side by side.



My guess is that a bird distributed the aster seed in the pot. And what lovely, cheerful blossoms...

October 21, 2015


We enjoy the figs in a salad, cut into quarters and mixed with arugula or other small salad greens, and bits of Cypress Grove's Humboldt Fog goat cheese. A simple vinaigrette and freshly ground black pepper completes this delicious blend of textures and flavors.







October 20, 2015


Townsend Warbler on a Mission fig tree branch



As the fig tree has been producing figs for the past 2 months, it also is attracting all kinds of birds who are enjoying the sweet and juicy fruit.  I observed the Townsend Warbler, shown above, for the first time ever la...

October 17, 2015



It's always a delight to observe birds at the birdbath, especially when they are in the birdbath!

These days they are in there several times a day, coming in groups and taking turns, especially the House Finches.



We are vigilant, trying to keep the baths clean by was...

October 13, 2015



The rosemary hedge is blooming!

Obviously it is drought tolerant because we have rarely watered it this year.

So it's great to see it so healthy and providing necessary nutrition for our bee visitors.



Today I saw at least three kinds of bees in the rosemary.

In the abo...

October 12, 2015

Raindrops on nasturtium leaf



Yesterday morning we enjoyed very light rain for about an hour.

At first I thought that the morning fog must have been very thick to leave so much moisture on the ground and on plants. And then as I stood in the backyard I felt the very so...

October 7, 2015



I rarely see honey bees on the daisies.



But this weekend I saw two of them on the daisies, one on a flower in full bloom, and the other spending a long time on a very spent looking flower head (image below). 

I'm glad that they are still finding nectar there.







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