September 30, 2015


Brewer's blackbird at Point Reyes Station



In the bright sun these iridescent blue-black birds look metallic. They have a very distinguised call that is very loud and sharp. They are permanent residents in the Western parts of the US and can be seen in open fields as...

September 29, 2015



The Anna's hummingbirds that visit the garden are very territorial and never share the nectar feeder with others. We are accustomed to observing these birds chasing each other away from this nectar source, like little fierce jet fighters.



Imagine our surprise to see...

September 26, 2015


Hair streak butterfly in the lavatera



I recently learned that the hair streak butterfly population is in decline due to vanishing habitat.



They frequently visit our lavatera tree, so I'm glad that we have created a welcoming environment for these delightful creature...

September 25, 2015



As some nectar and pollen sources are drying up the bees still will find food sources.

In the image above a honey bee is feeding on the blossoms of a Swan Plant milkweed asclepias fruticosa.



The milkweed is growing in a container pot. It's interesting because this p...

September 23, 2015



All of this heat means that the tomatoes are in abundance in the garden.



This is a closeup of clusters of our Chocolate cherry tomatoes growing in a large container pot in the backyard. They are delicious and super sweet and are great to eat fresh off the plant, in...

September 21, 2015



As you know from earlier posts, I love basil. And I love to use it for pesto in pasta, rice, or on baked fish.



Here is a bowl of farfalle and fusilli pasta with fresh pesto made with basil from our garden. It's such simple pleasure. Enjoy fresh basil while you can b...

September 20, 2015

raindrop on the branch of the lemon tree




I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when it started to rain a few evenings ago. A few rainclouds passed over our way and produced some nice soft rain. It didn't last long, but it looked,  sounded, smelled and felt great. Yes,...

September 16, 2015



And here's a very familiar butterfly - the umber skipper poanes melane .


These butterflies habitat consists of desert foothills, streamsides, yards, grassy areas, parks and open oak woodland.







September 14, 2015



It's been a while since we visited the Berkeley Botanical Garden in Tilden Park, so it was

exciting to see some pollinators that don't visit our garden, as well as familiar ones.


It's usually impossible for me to capture an image of the small carpenter bees in our gar...

September 10, 2015


California carpenter bee female xylocopa californica on Sapphire salvia.



It's taking extra vigilance in this heat to keep the bee food sources thriving.  I'm so happy to see the salvia plants in containers produce more blossoms. After the first group of blossoms drie...

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